At the moment, the only way for us to accept donations is with cryptocurrencies. This is due to how this network is comprised of stateless people: banking and standard identification is inaccessible to stateless people, while vulnerability in areas of privacy and legal uncertainty is high.

Within our network we follow a strict code of transparency and account for all expenditures. Intake and expenditure information of our cryptocurrency wallets are internally released on a bi-annual basis. Our planned expenditures are primarily in the following areas:

  • Website maintenance with payment for hosting services and domain name
  • Modest stipends for members and volunteers that work on Apatride’s projects
  • Covering expenses for members that provide lectures on statelessness on behalf of our network
  • Paying for miscellaneous services such as in advertising, graphic design, and research
  • Long-term goal of saving funds to register as an international non-profit in Brussels, Belgium, to gain wider legitimacy and access financial services as an NGO

Please donate to any of our wallets listed below:


Wallet address: bc1qy8uvcvp3jk3xjgqaqvlgkqk45j0pdxw7se4csx

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Wallet address: 0x3D58164eb695A97C7B73ec60724EFEc3848afc53

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Wallet address: 6XzaeQEe5eGJhGVvrVGgMVLh5q72YiVWndZgqk4DEiXD

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