Apatride Network

Apatride Network



Apatride Network primarily uses fiscal host Open Collective for fundraising, hosting, and transparent expending of funds. It is safe and user-friendly. Click the button to donate: 

For any other ways to donate, please directly contact us at contact@apatride.eu

Apatride Network also accepts cryptocurrencies, maintaining crypto-wallets listed below. We support the development of blockchain technology such as cryptocurrency, seeing it as having potential to resolve some of the key issues that stateless people face, e.g. in access to banking and standard identification. 

Within our network we follow a strict code of transparency and account for all expenditures. Intake and expenditure information of our cryptocurrency wallets are internally released on a bi-annual basis. 

Please donate to any of our wallets listed below:


Wallet address: bc1qy8uvcvp3jk3xjgqaqvlgkqk45j0pdxw7se4csx

Bitcoin wallet QR code

Wallet address: 0x3D58164eb695A97C7B73ec60724EFEc3848afc53

Ethereum wallet QR code

Wallet address: rKY4RyssPomjkesQPT4BVZfy6LEyw4LdFz

Ripple wallet QR code

Wallet address: addr1q8jfvj0hq982pkvggwhxqu5yd498xahlz29a9qkmy22fkglyjeylwq2w5rvcssawvpeggm22wdm07y5t62pdkg55nv3sl0c6n2

Cardano wallet QR code

Wallet address: 6XzaeQEe5eGJhGVvrVGgMVLh5q72YiVWndZgqk4DEiXD

Solana wallet QR code