Apatride Network

Apatride Network


Stateless-led answer to statelessness. Your journey is our journey.

About us:

Apatride Network is run by stateless people for stateless people, giving voice of our views, expertise, and dreams of equal human rights in the European Union. We work to raise awareness of statelessness, clear up misconceptions therein, and empower stateless people as participants rather than mere objects of discussion. We provide lectures at universities and other relevant venues, publish academic and media articles, handle advocacy work, connect stateless individuals to each other as well as to legal aid, and take an active role in the leading initiatives on statelessness from local to global level.

Stateless in the European Union

The European Union accounts 399,283 people that are determined stateless or of undetermined nationality. Many have been born in Europe or have lived there their entire lives, being deprived of an equal right to nationality based on discrimination or bureaucratic inadequacies beyond own control. The number is a conservative estimate, as stateless people are difficult to account, and the visibility of the topic remains low due to its intricate nature and obstruction from state actors that cause statelessness.

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