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Apatride Network


Apatride Network is planning the first ever stateless-led international forum, titled Statelessness Awareness Forum (Europe), to be held on 20-24 March of 2024, in Alicante, Spain. We invite university students and young professionals from all across Europe to engage and learn on the topic of statelessness. Alongside Apatride members providing lectures and leading workshops, there will be other experts from the field, such as from the European Parliament, UNHCR, academia, and leading statelessness NGOs.

SAF(E) will introduce participants to statelessness from different perspectives, placing special emphasis on the perspectives of those who have lived experience of statelessness. The forum will closely engage the participants with the leading experts on statelessness, using a diverse format of lectures, workshops, panel discussions, informal learning and networking. Everyone is welcome, no matter the level of previous knowledge of the topic. 

Applications are now closed! For updates on the event and news of future editions, please follow the event’s Facebook page. You can also follow Apatride Network’s social media pages for information on projects like SAF(E) and more. 

For any inquiries, email contact@apatride.eu